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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : June | Volume : 11 | Issue : 6 | Page : ED16 - ED17

Invasive Cystic Hypersecretory Carcinoma of Breast: A Rare and Under Diagnosed Variant of Ductal Carcinoma ED16-ED17

Nibedita Sahoo, Pritinanda Mishra, Susama Patra, Prakash Kumar Sasmal

Dr. Susama Patra,
Professor, Department of Pathology, AIIMS, Bhubaneswar-761019, Odisha, India.

Handful cases of invasive Cystic Hypersecretory Ductal Carcinoma (CHC) have been reported so far in literature. Cystic hypersecretory lesions of breast have a spectrum of morphological features ranging from Cystic Hypersecretory Hyperplasia (CHH), CHH with atypia, in situ to invasive CHC. We are reporting a case of a 32-year-old female who had nipple discharge and lump in her right breast for one month. A modified radical mastectomy was done and morphological diagnosis of invasive CHC with axillary node metastasis was made. The postoperative events were uneventful. Invasive CHC being a rare entity, our understanding of its biological behavior, prognostic factors and genetic basis is limited. The authors are aware of only 15 similar cases being reported in the English literature.