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Case report
Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : December | Volume : 11 | Issue : 12 | Page : XD01 - XD03

An Unusual Case of Primary Plasma Cell Leukaemia Mimicking Acute Leukaemia: A Case Report and Review of Literature XD01-XD03

Abha Singla, Monica Gupta

Dr. Monica Gupta,
Assistant Professor, Department of Oncopathology, Delhi State Cancer Institute, Delhi-110095, India.

Plasma Cell Leukaemia (PCL) is rare and an aggressive disease accounting for only 2-3% of all plasma cell dyscrasias. Diagnosis is made when there are more than 2x109/L plasma cells in the peripheral blood or monoclonal plasmacytosis more than 20% of the Total Leucocyte Count (TLC). We report a case of 58-year-old male with history of high grade fever, generalized weakness and giddiness for two to three months. Peripheral blood film revealed marked leucocytosis with 88% of atypical cells resembling blasts. Flow cytometric immunophenotyping confirmed plasmacytic lineage. Bone marrow was planned but the patient deteriorated very rapidly and died within 3 days. PCL has no definitive treatment and has a dismal prognosis, requiring more extensive data to improve the disease course.