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Table of Contents - Year : 2018 | Month : August | Volume : 12 | Issue : 8 | Page : YC05 - YC08

Comparative Efficiency of Muscle Energy Technique and Static Stretching in Enhancing Triceps Surae Flexibility YC05-YC08

Govindaraj Mohan Kumar, Vishwanathan Rajalaxmi, Celambakkam Veeraraghavan Senthil Nathan, Sivagnanam Ramachandran, Veena Kirthika, Selvaraj Sudhakar, Kuppusamy Padmanabhan, Gopinath Yuvarani

Dr. Govindaraj Mohan Kumar,
Professor, Department of Physiotherapy, Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute University, Vellapanchavadi, Chennai-600077, Tamil Nadu, India.

Introduction: Flexibility is termed as resilience and painless extensibility of a joint. The reduced flexibility will lead to decreased performance and results in abnormal coordination of movements. To prevent such damages, there are number of treatments based on stretching that will enhance the functionality of the subject. Flexibility exercises on triceps surae are regularly prescribed as a component of lower extremity rehabilitation programs.

Aim: To investigate the difference in the effectiveness of Muscle Energy Technique (MET) and static stretching along with foam roller in increasing the flexibility of triceps surae muscle in male athletes.

Materials and Methods: Experimental study with 30 subjects of age between 18-25, divided into 2 groups equally, A and B, treated with muscle energy technique and static stretching along with foam roller respectively. Flexibility of muscles following pre and post training were analysed by Foot and ankle ability measure questionnaire and goniometer. The data analyses were done using student t-Test, with significance level of p <0.001.

Results: Foot and Ankle Outcome Measure (FAAM) and goniometer analysis showed a significant difference in triceps surae muscle flexibility between pre and post training of Group A and B and it was clear that there was an increase in the triceps surae muscle flexibility with the use of muscle energy technique with foam roller rather than static stretching with foam roller.

Conclusion: It was clear from the experimental study that MET along with foam roller gives better flexibility of triceps surae muscles than static stretching with foam roller exercise.