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Table of Contents - Year : 2018 | Month : August | Volume : 12 | Issue : 8
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The Relation of Social Happiness and Adjustment with Vandalistic Behaviour of the Children and Young Adults in the Families under Supervision of Welfare Office LC05-LC09

Mohammad-Rafi Bazrafshan, Alireza Abdi, Behnam Masmouei, Esmaeil Kavi, Narjes Abshorshori, Leila Akbari, Zohre Faramarzian, Marzyeh Zakeri

Histogram Based Synovitis Scoring System in Ultrasound Images of Rheumatoid Arthritis LC10-LC14

RJ Hemalatha, V Vijayabaskarin

Vaccination Coverage and Perceived Barriers to Immunization as Identified by Mothers of Under Five Children in Rural Areas of Udupi District, Karnataka, India: A Descriptive Survey LC15-LC18

Anusha, YN Shashidhara, K Jeyalakshmi

Road Traffic Injuries among Drivers and Pillion Riders using Two-Wheeler Motorized Vehicle in Western Uttar Pradesh LM01-LM03

Urfi, Ali Amir, Salman Khalil, Mohd. Fakhrul Huda