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Table of Contents - Year : 2017 | Month : November | Volume : 11 | Issue : 11
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Clinical Evaluation of Effect of Instrument Size and Type on the Accuracy of Electronic Apex Locator on Upper Premolars ZC01-ZC04

Basawaraj Channabasappa Biradar, Sudharani Basawaraj Biradar, Sai S Kalyan, Rashmikumar B Vora, Arvind MS

Comparison of Staining Efficacy between Turmeric and Eosin: A Histological Study ZC05-ZC08

Marin Abraham, Shwetha Nambiar, Vanishri Charagannavar, Dominic Augustine, SV Sowmya, Ashok Babu, Roopa S Rao

Anatomical Configuration of Roots and Canal Morphology of Primary Mandibular First Molars: A CBCT Study ZC09-ZC11

Navin Hadadi Krishnamurthy, Chikku Dani Jacob, Umapathy Thimmegowda, Jaya Agali Ramachandra, Veena Arali, Prasanna Kumar Bhat

Effect of Punica Granatum Extract Gel on Gingival Crevicular Fluid Levels of Interleukin-1ß, Interleukin-8 and CCL28 Levels: Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial ZC12-ZC17

Jayant Prakash, Vipin Bhatnagar, Sonia Nath, Shaju Pulikkotil, Virendra Kumar Prajapati

Paramolar with a Para-Premolar: A Rare Occurrence ZD01-ZD02

Pankaj Prasad, Shikha Ahirwal, Vikas Kumar, Mohit Singh Chauhan, Priyanka Rathor

Oral Habits Associated with an Increased Risk of Oral Cancer in Vietnam ZE01-ZE04

Rajan Saini, Nguyen Thi Hong, Khanh Ha, Hoang Trong Hung, Dang Huy Quoc Thinh, Le Trung Chanh, Catherine F. Poh

Single Tooth Torquing Auxiliary ZH01-ZH02

Benoy Mathew, Sunil Sunny, Denny Joseph, George Jose, Anvar

Mechanical and Adhesive Retention for Bilateral Ear Prosthesis ZJ01-ZJ02

Mayara de Freitas Paiva, Célia Regina Moreira Lanza, Marcelo Coelho Goiato, Maria Fernanda Lopes Fonseca, Amália Moreno

Application of C-Arm for Intra Operative Radiographic Support in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical Procedures Under General Anaesthesia ZL01-ZL02

Surej Kumar L K, Mathew Tharakan, Johna Peranthodi, Deepa S Divakaran